Block Lab

Block Lab of Kitten Editor is to help users to achieve more complex and advanced effects through extra function blocks, so as to make more programs with practical application.

At present, there are blocks in 5 categories: Classifier, GameAI, Cloud Variables, Advanced tool and AR. Other function blocks will be developed gradually.

1. Classifier

Blocks in Classifier can train classification model and predict classification results. With this function, users can create applications such as Wine Identification and Disease Judgment.

See more about Classifier

2. GameAI

Blocks in GameAI can train neural network model. After the sprite loading model, AI can play the game automatically. With this function, users can create AI-played games and applications like Flappy Birds and Flight Fight.

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3. Advanced Tool

Blocks in Advanced Tool are powerful. They can help trainees to create extraordinary effects.

Currently available advanced block: warp, which can show the running rusults of block set directly.

See more about warp

4. AR

Blocks in AR can detect the motion of objects.With these blocks, user can interact with the sprite and control sprite's motion. User can create games and applications like Fruit Cut (Motion Sensing Version), Scan and Recognize QR Code, and so on.

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